Paul Mampilly Suggests Grabbing Lyft’s Stocks Right Now

Uber may be the ride share service most Americans know, but it’s possible their “little brother” competitor Lyft could overtake them if the aftermath of their upcoming IPO goes as planned. Successful investment expert Paul Mampilly is telling his regular readers that Lyft is primed to go from its current valuation at $850 million to being worth over $21 billion after it goes public. But it’s not just Lyft stocks alone that are poised to benefit from the IPO Mampilly says. Companies like GM and China’s Alibaba also should see their stocks get a boost, but there’s also another lesser known company that Paul Mampilly says will boom as Lyft’s stock goes up. The information on this company is available to “Extreme Fortunes” subscribers.

Paul Mampilly took up newsletter writing a few years ago more as a hobby than a business. He previously spent much of his professional career in banking and investment advisory services after completing his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in finance and accounting. He first joined Deutsche Bank in 1991 and also worked with ING and Banker’s Trust over the first 10 or so years of his career. Mampilly ran a consulting firm for a few years, but then took a major step up when he joined Kinetics International Fund, a hedge fund that became the talk of Barron’s magazine after he joined and reported gains of 26℅ annually in the firm’s specialized funds.

Mampilly also won an award for taking $50 million that a client gave him and investing it in stocks that were unaffected by the 2008 recession and made a 76℅ gain in one year. Paul Mampilly has found many diamonds in the rough when it’s come to early stage companies, some of which have included Facebook, OLED Universal, Netflix and Sarepta Therapeutics. He quit the mainstream financial industry and Wall Street scene because he felt he needed more time to spend with his family, and writing his own newsletters gave him a chance to reach regular middle class people that most hedge fund and private equity firms don’t reach out to. Mampilly’s newsletters have come with video tutorials and even at times a look at his own portfolio to make them easier to understand. To subscribe to Paul Mampilly’s newsletters, you can find him at

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