Rebel Wilson First Valentine’s Date

Rebel Wilson is a very successful Australian American actress, writer, singer, and producer. She was born Melanie Elizabeth Bownds and is from Sydney Australia.

The young lady was born on March 2, 1980. Rebel Wilson is well-educated and graduated from the University of New South Wales. Rebel has done multiple movies and shows like a comedy series called Pizza and also another comedy series called The Wedge in 2003. In 2008 a musical comedy called Bogan Pride was introduced to the world.

This comedy series was written and produced by Rebel Wilson she starred in this series as well. One of the highlights of her career was in 2010 she was named one of the top 10 comics to watch for in 2011.

A few notable Awards received by Rebel was the MTV Best Breakthrough Performance Award and a Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress. She received these awards for her role as Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect film series.

Rebel Wilson is naturally a comedian so she made lightheartedness of a serious romantic situation. She stated to all her fans on Instagram that she had never been on an official Valentine Date. After this her good friend Miley Cyrus who everyone knows suggested that herself, Rebel, and Liam Hemsworth go on a throuple for this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Miley Cyrus saw the opportunity to spend time with her handsome husband Liam Hemsworth and the lovely Rebel Wilson so she suggested the three of them go on a date called a throuple. This is a unique, kind, and funny gesture. It also assist in promoting the new movie that Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth have together called Isn’t It Romantic. The gesture clearly fits the movie and makes the title of the movie stand out.

The gesture that Miley Cyrus made of course flattered Rebel and she responded with hearts and emojis on instagram. The post received 38,807 likes. Miley and Liam got married in December 2018 and from the picture they posted on Instagram you can literally see the love in the air. This story could be a publicity stunt to promote the new movie buy Rebel and Liam.

Even if so this is an excellent marketing strategy because the movie itself has a very romantic storyline and in the days of such turmoil a positive story like this one can never go wrong. Hopefully this will inspire normal everyday people to do this kind gesture for others and make someone’s Valentine Day special and loving.

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