Rocketship Education and Its Impact on Society

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a not-for-profit network of public charter schools. The system provides quality public schools for children and English language learners from low-income families in San-Jose. They achieve this by creating a good environment for quality public schools by working with community groups, parents, and teachers. The group launched the first school in 2007. Over the years, the number has grown to around 25 public charter schools.

Parents’ Role in Hiring Teachers at Rocketship Education Charter Schools

An article written by Perry Stein in The Washington Post on February 2016 explained how parents are taking part in the hiring of teachers, at the first school by this foundation in Washington, D.C. According to the co-founder and the CEO of the organization Preston Smith, parent participation in their schools has been practiced for a long time. Besides, their schools have become popular because of their personalized and blended-learning style.

According to Smith, training on how to do panel interviews is undertaken by the families who will participate in this exercise. In other cases, the parents get an opportunity to meet applicants during a community meeting. Although their input is highly considered, Smith hardly remembers a time there was a disagreement between the parents and the school leaders.

It is up to the candidates to decide whether they are ready for the task. Smith recalls a time when an applicant walked out of the interview and cited the high level of intensity by the parents as the cause. He says he was happy with the decision taken by the candidate.

Many parents appreciate when they are given an opportunity to take part in this critical process. They get the chance to know the people they will entrust with their children. They get an opportunity to understand the personalities of these teachers.

By participating in this process, parents and guardianl get an opportunity to learn how to advocate for their champion for their children long after leaving Rocketship. The school is planning to have visits to each student’s home. Besides, the school plans to have various functions that will enhance the participation of parents.

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