Sergey Petrossov is Rising to the Top and Flying High

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov has always been an entrepreneurial spirit. The CEO of JetSmarter began his business journey by launching an IT chat system to serve customers for troubleshooting. He also started a Russian speaking digital learning platform for all of the Russian speakers around the world. When Sergey flew on a private jet for the first time he knew right then he could offer something much more efficient and effective for customers. Through work with his team and his own innovative ideas, he produced an app called JetSmarter in 2013.

Connecting fliers to more than 3,00o flights in 3 different continents, the JetSmarter App makes it much easier to find and book private flights. App users also have the ability to create private flights and inviting other users to book that flight as well. Customers of the JetSmarter can enjoy a number of services including service in cities from helicopters among other services all for an annual membership fee of 4,950 dollars. Sergey Petrossov knew back in 2013 how the use of Apps could make people’s lives easier, and to say he was way ahead of his time is an understatement.

Forbes Magazine has put Sergey Petrossov on their 30 under 3o working professional list, as well as being endorsed by Jay Z, Wayne Chang, and the Saudi Royal Family. Although he is just 31 years old, Sergey has already made a huge impact on the private flying industry with what people call his business as “Uber in the Air”. He will continue to make people’s lives better because he is driven by helping others and using his innovative mind to do so.

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