Skout Does Survey About Colleges

Social media networking and communication app Skout has compiled a list of the top ten most friendliest colleges in the USA. The list was compiled based on data the company researched among users aged 18-24 years old. The main criteria used to determine the friendliest college town in the survey was how frequently users communicated with other new users through its app. Skout analyzed a full year of information to get a complete picture and not just a “monthly” snapshot of a college town.

Here are the results for the top ten most friendliest college towns according to a year’s of research done by Skout. At first place, was Madison, Wisconsin which is famous for its large public university as well as several small other ones. Number two, was surprisingly the metropolis of Los Angeles, California. Taking third place, was the big apple in New York, which came as a surprise as the city is famous for its coldness. Number four and five were Ann Arbor, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois. The inclusion of Chicago at number five was a big surprise as most big cities are not known for being particularity friendly when compared to the smaller college towns.

Towards the bottom of the list came San Francisco, California at number six, followed by Boulder, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona at number seven and eight. Finishing at number nine, was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which is well known for its large amount of higher education institutions. Number ten was Dallas, Texas.

Skouts research and surveys also revealed other interesting insights. The city with the most colleges in and around its area in the entire country was Boston, Massachusetts. It finished number twelve in the list of the all time most friendliest college towns. According to Skout the friendliest college age men are found in Boulder, Colorado. The friendliest college age women are in Madison, Wisconsin. Los Angeles, California was the city that was deemed the most generous. Young adults in that area sent more gifts to each other than many major cities combined.

Skout also asked questions to current and prospective college age students. More than 50% say that making a friend at a university is easier than while being in school. At the same time, over 50% of incoming freshman say they had concerns about being able to make friends when they arrive at campus. The fears of the freshman are allayed by the fact that Skout found almost three quarters of all new students make a close friend within a week of their first semester at college.

Skout is an app that connects people from all over the world and lets them communicate with each other and share photos. It is available as a free download and works on the iOS, Android and windows devices. The app was developed in 2007 and has steadily grown in its user base and capabilities.

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