Southridge Capital: Benefiting from the Stronger American Economy

Southridge Capital is one of the leading holding companies in the United States today. They specialize in diversified financial holdings, and they are also providing direct investment services, as well as advisory services to their clients. The company is known for their roles in helping the small and middle market companies succeed. The company has been around since the 90s decade, and in the year 1996, the company ordered its structured finance team to pursue an investment deal worth $1.7 billion. Many companies around the world benefited from the investment deal, and they grew tremendously partly because of the investment that they received from the Southridge Capital. Today, the company continues to provide investment assistance to their clients, and they are also focused on helping small businesses succeed by offering them a lot of programs and plans that they can follow.



The founder and the chief executive officer of Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks, said that the positive growth of the United States economy has a positive effect on the company. Back in 2008, the United States, along with other countries in the West, have experienced the worst economic recession in the 21st century. However, things quickly came back to normal, and after a miraculous bounce back, the economy of the United States is now stronger than ever. One of the first institutions that are affected by the country’s increasing economy would be the financial institutions like the Southridge Capital. Stephen Hicks said that if the current trend continues, it will spell more profit for the company, and more clients will be asking for their services. Checkout for more details.



Aside from the advantages due to the strong economy of the United States, Stephen Hicks is also looking forward to the partnerships and contract deals that they have signed with other companies. He said that these partnerships would help them succeed further. One of the partnerships that the company signed was with a Dallas-based tech company. The software developers working for the tech company are said to assist the Southridge in creating a software program that they can provide to their clients to help them manage their wealth, profits, and other assets that have been entrusted to them. for further information you can visit their facebook page.


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