Steve Lesnard Explains How Product Marketing Should Happen In The Digital World

The current digital and social platforms have changed the way people are marketing new products. These strategies have many benefits, but they can also be counterproductive if not applied well. For your new product to be successful in the market, it’s important to clearly highlight the benefits and the value it will add to the lives of consumers. Brands that make it always put the needs of clients first. The two principles explained below by Steve Lesnard will help you market your new products well.

  1. Ensure it is simple so it can be memorable

The best way to introduce a new product is to inform clients what makes it better than the rest. Make sure you outline all the benefits and keep in mind what Walt Disney once said about making sure that story line is right. Focus on what is innovative and creative to help you communicate by picking a particular lane and simply go for it. There have been famous campaigns from iPod which benefited customers who wished to listen to music while travelling. This strategy was highly appreciated since it happened at a time when the company was rushing for technological supremacy.

According to Steve Lesnard , Apple has been expanding over the years focusing mostly on their watches. You are able to connect your phone with your watch and use it wherever you are and even have health and wellness through its sports measurements and monitoring features. This is possible for Apple since they keep it simple for their clients and always giving them a motive for upgrading.

  1. Making it real by bringing life to it

The next step is to bring the product to life for the customers. Once you are sure about your storyline, make sure you follow the specific details so you can come up with the best product. Details like how to use the product, what it does and how it looks are elements that can be presented using the medium you decide to work with. Steve Lesnard believes that clients should be your priority especially when it comes to product presentation so you can meet and exceed their expectations.

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