Success is not only determined by the art of getting it right but also pushing on after falling: Edwin Miranda

Many people always take the wise saying as the most overused saying in the entire universe. However, this is not the case when it comes to Edwin Miranda. He pushes on even at the face of challenges. He does not believe in giving up on his dreams and aspirations in life. He believes in himself and the passion for what he does is truly evident in his day to day activities. Always an early bird, waking up at dawn every morning to strategize on how to spend every second of the day, is a habit Edwin Miranda has developed in his life.

What stands out in Edward Miranda?

The graduate of the Interamerican University of PR is quite skilled in marketing. Edwin Miranda is at KOI IXS as its CEO and also founder. It is a company which specializes in marketing. In its operations, KOI IXS employs numerous strategies to deliver to clients.

With technological advancement, Edwin Miranda has taken advantage of this and gone overboard to do digital marketing and social media marketing. Apart from that, he is highly skilled in strategic planning, brand development, marketing strategy, public relations, sales, performance marketing, and strategic leadership among others. However, with all this, Edwin Miranda surrounds himself with a very talented and skilled team for he understands it is only through teamwork that a company can thrive.

Edwin Miranda is not a complete workaholic. He takes time to read books for self and business growth and enjoys spending time with family.

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