Susan McGalla Shares Tips For Budding Female Leaders

Susan McGalla is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based American businesswoman and executive consultant who has made a name for herself by working with companies like Wet Seal and American Outfitters. When she became the leader of these companies, they were male dominated but over the years, she changed those figures. This is why Susan McGalla is hailed as an example for what businesswomen can achieve and she is a great role model for budding female leaders who are hoping to make a difference in the world.

So what can female leaders do to achieve success? Is it different from what male leaders do? Susan McGalla clarifies these points with some tips

Mentorship Is Important – No budding leader can go far without having a mentor or role model to help her reach her highest potential. When you are a female leader, you have to have someone like Susan McGalla or a successful person you know who would help you push past the boundaries of restriction. Mentors can also be in the form of support groups that motivate every member and achieve great results.

Remain Positive – Remaining positive in the face of adversities is important. Feminism might be a household word these days but majority of the population is still sexist. Sexism in the corporate environment is also a common phenomenon. Female leaders need to create awareness and education which would take a lot of efforts. However, people would try to bring you down in the meantime. Thus, Susan McGalla says that budding leaders or women who are just getting started on the path of leadership should stay positive.

Set Different Kinds Of Goals – A female leader needs to set various sets of goals, advises Susan McGalla. The first set of goals should be for the short term functioning of the company and the others should be long term in nature. There can also be medium term goals for objectives that should be achieved but don’t have any resource allocation yet. Another set of goals that isn’t talked about is personal goals of the female leader – what she wants to achieve in her life and what makes her happy.

Value Collaboration – Susan McGalla advises female leaders to always value collaboration and place it above competition. Some healthy competition never hurt anyone but success is achieved on a large scale with collaboration.

Finally, Susan McGalla also adds that women should keep their friends and family close. They should take time off work to pursue their hobbies and do everything that makes them calm. This would help them become better at their jobs and soon, they would become role models for women of their generation like Susan McGalla.

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