Board of Management by Peter Briger

Peter Briger is among the board director and the chairman of the Fortress. It is among the organisation that has been able to achieve a lot due to the leadership that comes from the Peter Briger initiatives. Due to his excellent work and ability to make the wise decision he has been promoted to this critical position. It is known that since the year 2006 he has served as the top manager in the board of directors and until later in the year 2009 that he was promoted to a chairman position.He entered into this committee of the board of management in the year 2002, and he has worked very hard to achieve the goals of the company. The main work that he does at this new position is to deal with the credit and also he so active in the field or real estate.

It is said that before he could join this company, he had spent more than 15 years working at the Goldman where he stayed as a partner since the year 1996. Apart from this functions that he carries on, he is also among the board member at the Tipping Point one of the organizations that is none profiting company.The main work of this firm is to serve the fewer fortune people who have less income to meet their financial position in the city of Francisco. He is also a very active member who serves as the primary board member of the Caliber School. It is among the network that deals with the charter schools. The schools are believed to play a very crucial role in preparing the student for a very tough and competitive role in their four years course at the college level.

The best thing about Peter Briger is that he is among the people who motivate the student to perform well in their duties because he is a very passionate person.Peter Briger has gone under a proper system of education because he received her M.B.A degree from the University of the Wharton University one of the best institutions when it comes to the matters of doing up business. When it is time to deal with the real estate issue he is so perfect at it, and he is among the chief consultant when it comes to this matters. It is due to his passion for a business issue that helps him achieve a lot of things in his career.