OSI Food Solutions to Continue Expanding While Focusing on Sustainability

OSI Food Solutions has made a name for themselves and despite being one of the largest private companies in the United States continues its rapid expansion. Throughout the period of growth that they have experienced since around the turn of the century, sustainability has remained an important part of the company’s business plan. The British Safety Council took notice of all of the sustainability efforts that they had been making in the United Kingdom and presented them with the Globe of Honour in 2016.

Their employees are one of the most important assets that OSI Food Solutions has. They are dedicated to making sure that their company provides them with a work environment that is stimulating and challenging as well as providing many different opportunities including those for advancement. Currently, they are looking for dedicated employees that share their vision to provide quality products to their customers around the world while making a positive impact on their communities.

A lot of the expansion that OSI Food Solutions have focused on in recent years is centered around the production of chicken. The demand for chicken keeps growing in many countries throughout the world and they want to be able to supply it. In the United States, one of these big expansions involved the company purchasing a Chicago chicken processing plant that had formerly been owned by Tyson. Tyson had announced that the plant was going to close and that potentially hundreds of jobs were going to be lost in the process. After obtaining the building, they offered positions to many of these workers who would have lost their jobs at the plant otherwise. Their LinkedIn Profile.

In other expansion news from OSI Food Solutions, they have acquired a handful of companies that they will believe will add a lot of value to their brand. 2 of the biggest purchases include Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe will allow OSI to expand the types of foods that they have to offer their clients in Europe they produce things like pies and sauces along with frozen poultry. Flagship Europe will have access to the resources of OSI Food Solutions and are predicting that they will do well.