Talkspace Provides Therapy On the Go

Ask Men recently published an article by Claire Walkes-Thomas titled “Talkspace Couples Therapy Review.” The article reveals how the Talkspace app can help people look after their health with the convenience of your smartphone. You no longer need to schedule an appointment with a therapist to get the benefits of therapy. Instead, Talkspace provides therapy for the modern age, through technology.

Taking care of your mental health is one of the most important things people can do for their overall health. It is important to create time to care for your mind as much as you create time to take care of your body. Now that therapy has become less prejudiced against, many people and couples in particular are turning to therapy for support. It isn’t just for couples who are on the verge of separating, instead it is to help work through issues while also keeping your mental health in check. Read more on

Talkspace provides individuals or couples with therapy from licensed therapists over messaging. The app focuses on communicating with their clients from anywhere. You can be in any situation that causes stress and you can also talk to your therapist multiple times per day. The online platform allows you to retain all the benefits of therapy without having to set aside an appointment time and without having to worry about discretion. They also focus on providing incredible personal service at an affordable rate. This allows people to fit therapy into their busy lives. Each week is only $59.00 and you receive unlimited text messaging with two check-ins each day.

Signing up is a simple process. You simply discuss your needs with a consultant in real time to help find the best therapist for your situation. It is easy to find a therapist you can discuss anything with without feeling judged. The therapist will outline her role and how often you can expect to hear from her. Depending on what you are comfortable with, you will hear from the therapist twice a day via messaging or video. The in-depth messages provide insights into why you might be feeling that way. Check out:

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