The Autism Rocks Campaign

Autism is an impairment in both social interactions as well as developmental language and communication. Studies have shown that despite the fact that this is harsh impairment, it is more common among boys than among girls. An estimated one out of 42 boys every year are diagnosed with this disorder. Recently in news, Sanjay Shah has decided to raise money to further research and cures to the disorder due to the fact that his 4-year old son, Nikhil was diagnosed in 2011 with this disorder.

With this motivation to raise money, Mr. Shah began giving stage performances in London. His charity, Autism Rocks, has had many famous performers further his campaign such as Lenny Kravitz, Drake and Michael Bublè. All of the money that has been raised through these performances has been donated to the autism research center that is based at Cambridge University.

Mr. Shah understands the troubles that come along with the autism diagnoses as he himself has been through it with his son. Mr. Shah states that his charity called Autism Rocks does not have the goal of finding the cure to autism. Instead, the money that he is raising for this disorder has the purpose of furthering research to allow for parents to better understand the diagnosis. Mr. Shah, like any other concerned parents, wants the best for his son and to understand how he thinks.

Sanjay Shah is a concerned father who has dedicated his life to furthering the research in the disorder of autism. As this disorder is the fastest growing disorder in the world, Mr. Shah wants to further the research in order to understand this disorder. Understanding autism will improve the parent-child relationship and will also lead to less expenses paid by the parents to try and find cures. In recent statistics, the average cost of the family with an autistic child is around 60,000 dollars per year.

Mr. Shah has used his leadership in this charity to further research of this disorder. Those who have this disorder live in a difficult situation of living among masses of people. Those with this disorder often have the difficult task of being the minority among the billions of people in the world.