The Beneful Brand – A Pacemaker

In 2001, Nestle, a global corporation known for the manufacture and production of good and healthy food and beverages, childcare (the Gerber brand), and health sciences, etc., purchased Ralston Purina, a nationally known manufacturer of pet food, treats and litter for some 80 years. That very same year, Nestle Purina introduced the Beneful Premium Dog Food brand. Currently, Beneful enjoys a 94% customer approval rate in the U.S.

Long has it been Purina’s goal to raise nutrition for dogs. The growth rate of Nestle Purina’s Beneful is a success story, and as a result, Beneful has become one of most extensive and nutritive dog food and treats menus ever for dogs of all ages. Altogether, 39 varieties of dog food and snack/treats are marketed currently. This is because Beneful embarked on using ingredients that are natural and nourishing in dry, wet, and treats menus: proteins (chicken, turkey, lamb, salmon, beef, liver, bacon); vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, spinach, peas, green beans, corn); eggs; and carbohydrates (wild rice, brown rice, barley, sweet potatoes, pasta).

There is some ongoing “dog talk” about corn meal gluten in dog food. Healthy corn does not contain the type of gluten that is harmful.

Competition in the dog food market has increased since the introduction on facebook of Beneful. Beneful’s competitors are organic/holistic dog food manufacturers and other premium dog food preparations that are more costly and marketed by smaller manufacturers. Beneful’s ingredients are closely aligned with organic dog food ingredients. Also, it is a premium dog food with a considerable market presence, allowing Nestle Purina to offer it at a more appealing cost to dog owners.

The distinct attractions of Beneful to organic dog foods are extensive menu choices and pricing. But, the level of quality and research that is put into creating Nestle Purina’s longstanding goal to raise nutrition for dogs is the all-important reason that dog owners purchase Beneful, and in so doing, continue to raise the Nestle Purina standard. Beneful provides information on its product packaging that helps owners decide which menu formula is right for their dogs. Seeing a positive difference in a pet’s health and well being that can be attributed to good nourishment is “Beneful,” or something that is “full of goodness.”

Nestle Purina owns facilities in Flagstaff, Arizona; Fairburn, Georgia; and Davenport, Iowa, that produce this “full of goodness” dog food. Product quality and safety are monitored with the implementation of a food safety program, comprehensive in nature, at each plant.

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