The Impressive Innovation Record at OSI Group Over the Last Century

Currently, OSI Food Solutions is among the leading global food providers with a presence in 17 countries, 65 outlets and over 20,000 employees and still growing strong. Their story on innovation and growth remain as a great case study for companies that are seeking to beat the odds and go to the next level. Some of the elements that can be directly associated with the growth experience at OSI Food Solutions would be;

Use Of Cutting Edge Technology

In an effort to ensure that customers got consistent quality and almost the same product on all their outlets, the OSI Food Solutions embarked on the use of technology to ensure that the production process was at its best. This lead to a smooth transitioning of the company into what it is known for today.

Global Growth

There are companies that have proven to be successful regional food outlets. However, there are benefits that come with being a global brand. This is more so when some markets with a high population such as China are conquered. In as much as it poses a logistical nightmare, the rewards of it are worth the effort

Expansion and Diversification

The last decade has witnessed the OSI Food Solutions grow into a global leader when it comes to protein products that are value added. This ranges from sausages, hamburger patties and even pizza. For instance, the new beef line that was opened in Japan back in 2010 helped a lot with the operations in Asia-Pacific. Other than that line there was also an inclusion of other lines such as the two in India back in 2012

Increased Production

With the benefit of increased production lines, there was a consequent increase in production, and as a result, the demand from the outlets would be met and even support the opening of more outlets. Technology has also aided a lot in the production process as well as in the logistics of delivering the product.


As a company and a brand, OSI Food Solutions has a rich history from humble begins to what it is at the moment. Their strong relations with the client, early recognition of growth opportunity and adoption of technology can be attributed to their growth.

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