The US Money Reserve Wins Awards

The US Money Reserve has won a total of four awards in the year 2016. These awards honor their ability to produce engaging and interesting videos. The awards were given by the 2016 Videographer Awards committee. One of the their honors was received in the “TV Commercials/Products category” because of their excellence. The other one was for “Creativity (TV)/Cinematography”.


Their infomercial was titled, “Testimonial Show”. It received rave reviews from viewers, especially one in particular. This was Richard Petty whom is a gold buyer and NASCAR driver. The show kept him and other viewers riveted as they watched it.


Another show of theirs, “Pearl Harbor Show”, received an Honorable Mention and an Award of Distinction. This is an excellent honor for their creative efforts in producing such fantastic shows.


The judges found their efforts to be remarkable in the categories that they awarded them in. Since this is something that is remarkable seeing a there were around 1,500 entries, they were chosen to be the best. The judges were from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. They look for talent that goes above and beyond the high standards that are placed in the industry.


It is a recognition that holds international esteem. With great pride, the CEO, Angela Koch gives her people plenty of credit for performing at the highest levels possible, and thanks them for their creative and excellence and creating something of such great work that was entertaining for their audience as a whole.


Since winning the awards is an honor, this gives them more encouragement to create and produce more shows. When their people get noticed in this way, they are excited to begin something new and turn it into another masterpiece. The US Money Reserve is proud to have achieved such high honors in year 2016. They also won the Bronze during the Telly Awards, the 37th annual one. With such a good year behind them, they look forward to another one next year. In the years to come, they are sure to take home more awards for her hard work and dedication.

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