Timothy Duncan and Talos Energy Inc. of Houston Texas

Timothy Duncan takes Talos Energy Inc. of Houston Texas to the next level. The founder and president of Talos named Tim Duncan. Tim built Talos into a multi-million dollar company. He co-founded Talos Energy in the year 2012 and the company continues to prosper under his experienced guidance.

The company explores the Gulf of Mexico for petroleum deposits then it drills, extracts then transports the petroleum from deep underground. That is not all he and his company are about. Tim Duncan studies and tracks the progress and profits of other companies with similar interests. Tim looks for oil companies drilling in the same areas as Talos Energy Inc. of Houston Texas. When he finds a company producing assets and financial capital he acts.

If the assets and production of oil are in the same areas as Talos Energy. We are speaking of the Gulf of Mexico. So Timothy Duncan and his company Talos Energy Inc. has done it yet again. He has increased the value of his company by buying the energy company Whistler Energy ll, LLC in August of this year. Whistler’s production rate per day was 1,900 barrels of oil.

The company held contracts secured in the amounts equivalent to $77 million collateral. Whistlers asking price was $52 million dollars. However, Tim Duncan is the experienced oil and gas businessman. He makes sure Talos Energy Inc. came out on top. Therefore, Talos Energy’s payout on the contracts totaled $31 million dollars. Talos Energy Inc. of Houston Texas received $7 million more Whistler held in cash assets.

When the sale was completed Whistler Energy received $100 million dollars in cash. Talos paid an out of the pocket minimum of $14 million dollars for the purchase of the company. Whistler also had established productive wells and acreage in the Gulf of Mexico that now belong to Talos Energy Inc.

Timothy Duncan and the staff of Talos Energy Inc. Houston Texas will continue to strive for excellence. It is Mr. Duncan’s goal to further expand the companies wealth and assets. Continuing to bring forth the vital petroleum from the inner earth for the continued survival of the energy of the world.

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