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Isn’t It Romantic is an upcoming American movie that features popular stars. Paula Pell wrote the film and directed by Todd Strauss Schalson. The movie, set to launch on Valentines’ day in 2019 is expected to thrill many global fans of English romantic comedy movies. In the film, Rebel Wilson acts as Natalie, Adam Devine acts as Josh, Liam Hemsworth as Blake and Priyanka Chopra as Isabella.

Rebel Wilson acting as Natalie is the main character in the movie. Rebel Wilson is well known for her prowess in the acting field. She has vast years of experience as an actor, writer, and producer. She was born in March in 1980 and schooled at the University of South Wales and Australian Theatre for Young People.

She went to Newyork after acquiring an international scholarship where her stage performances got noticed. She has improved her skills with time acting on Hollywood on big projects. She has shared big stages with renowned actors and won major awards and other prizes. Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram

Isn’t It Romantic movie got officially released in Warner Bros. Pictures as an official trailer and its set for watching on theaters on 14th February 2019. The film will thrill comedy lovers once it is released early in the next year. Read more: Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical and Stunning Transformation Rebel Wilson | The List

The movie explains of a young lady who hates love comedies and views them as fantasy. She then encounters a mugger who she escapes from but gets a knock on her head. The girl finally gets involved in her love fantasy falling in a love triangle with two men. Rebel Wilson acts as the young lady whose name is Natalie.

The production of the movie started in 2017 and ‘Pitch Perfect’ star-Adam Devine, and Liam Hemsworth gets involved in the love triangle with Rebel Wilson while acting their roles as Josh, Blake, and Natalie respectively. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

The original script of the movie was written by Erin Cardillo while the screenplay was done by Katie Silberman, Dana Fox, and Paula Pell. In the film, Natalie is cynical about love stories displayed in romcoms, but after an engagement with a mugger, she finds herself in a complicated situation that makes her fall in love in a way she does not understand.

Rebel Wilson is well known for her starring abilities in Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect comedy movies. The working together of gurus in the acting profession in this new movie is the perfect reason to be on the look when it gets released to the theatres.

Adam Devine has previously featured in collaboration with Rebel Wilson in romantic comedies such as the Workaholics and Pitch Perfect. Isn’t It Romantic marks the fourth time that the two stars have worked together professionally.

Liam Hemsworth is an American actor and has successfully featured in movies such as Independence Day, Resurgence and The Hunger Games. Priyanka Chopra acts as a yoga specialist in the new film. She has performed thrilling films in Bollywood such as Barfi, Fashion, and Bajirao Mastani.In Hollywood. Besides, she has done Bayside, which is doing well. The timing of the release of Isn’t It Romantic on valentines’ day is also perfect.

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