Wealth Solutions Is Determined to Help Its Clients Enjoy Retirement

Wealth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm that provides personalized financial planning to wealthy families and business owners in the Austin, Texas area. The financial markets are always changing and Wealth Solutions believes that financial strategies must change and evolve as well.

Wealth Solutions is always seeking ways to provide unique solutions that allow clients to look at the upside, while still having minimal risk. Due to the fact that many clients are heading for retirement, Wealth Solutions recognizes that the main goal of the client is to preserve their wealth while building and planning for retirement. Wealth Solutions understands that every client wants to be able to leave a legacy for future generations. Wealth Solutions will help clients compose a financial plan to help them reach their retirement goals.

The firm’s founder Richard Blair has over two decades worth of experience in the financial services industry. Blair has always been a fan of education. Through his family, Blair witnessed how teaching can influence people. Blair also had a natural interest in finance. Blair soon realized that he could assist people with his financial planning and investment skills. After graduating from college, Blair entered the financial services industry. Blair founded Wealth Solutions a year later. Blair hoped to provide advice to his clients without any conflicts of interest. Blair has experience in retirement planning and aims to help bridge the gap between living now and saving money for retirement. By helping his clients stay out of bad situations, Blair shows them how to retire successfully.

Blair follows a Three Pillar Approach to help his clients develop a financial plan. The first pillar will help explain the client’s financial direction. Blair will assess the client’s strengths, goals, and opportunities for growth. This pillar helps Blair build relationships with his clients. Blair helps the client look at realistic expectations.

The Second Pillar helps Richard Blair develop a long term investment strategy that is tailored to each client’s goals and needs. Blair is looking to maximize assets while minimizing the impact that a negative period may have on a client’s portfolio. Performance is tracked and compared to the client’s expectations.

The Third Pillar involved Blair and the client reaching an agreement on the client’s financial goals and strategies to provide growth and liquidity. Blair helps put the client in position to deal with all types of circumstances as they occur.

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