What factors are essential to look for in a lip balm

Lip balms have been changing an evolving over time and there are now different factors that consumers should look for when buying a lip balm. This article will highlight some of the more critical factors to aide you in determining which brand you should purchase.
Color and Uses

Some lip balms add color to your lips similar to a lipstick, in addition to the added lip protection for dry chapped lips. Others add a gloss or even glitter to your lips which can be compelling for those concerned with their fashion. Other lip balms have a degree of sunblock added to them which protects your lips from damage from the sun.

Understand your lifestyle and what appeals to you in a lip balm before buying and if these features or important or if you only are looking for the moisture and lip protection from a high quality lip balm.

Flavors Matter

Since you will be putting a lip balm on your lips the flavor that they have will certainly impact your usage of it. While some have blends that are more medicinal in flavor, such as Chapstick and Burt’s Bees, others such as the EOS lip balms come in a variety of flavors that are soothing and not overwhelmingly flavored. Consider what you would like to taste when applying a lip balm and shop around for the right blend for your needs.

The Ingredients

Perhaps most importantly are the actual ingredients for the lip balm. The factor that protects your lips from drying is known as the emollient and a wide range of substances can be used. Pay attention as cheaper emollients like petroleum jelly may not have the long lasting moisturizing effects that high quality emollients like shea butter use. Brands like the Evolution of Smooth (https://www.luckyvitamin.com/m-2220-eos-evolution-of-smooth) use Shea butter and other high quality oils to add moisture to your lips and are generally much preferred over the cheaper alternatives.


The brand of lip balm that you use will be greatly impacted by your personal preferences and the quality you desire in the brand. Research and see what is important for your needs when buying a lip balm and be sure to shop around.

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