Who is Isabel Dos Santos?

The oldest and smartest daughter of a former President from Angola and a Russian-born mother, Isabel Dos Santos has made a huge name for herself. All this has been made possible through hard work and patience. She is a savvy and prolific businesswoman. Isabel´s networth was over $2 billion in 2017. Since then her mission has been to become a mentor for women in Africa. Women who want to be accepted in the male-dominated business world.

Santos is born in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. She went to school in Kent, England. Later, she attended King’s College where she studied electrical engineering. Her husband, Sindika Dokolo, is from a wealthy family from Congo. He is also working to create big changes for African women.

Entrepreneurial Incentives

Isabel now lives in Angola, South Africa. She’s a role-model for ambitious African women who want to enter the business world. She has spoken at the United Nations in New York regarding the empowerment of African women. Santos believes most women can hold important positions within the economic world.

There are many stigmas that still exist within Africa regarding women, but she’s helping to remove those from society. Dos Santos believes that women should have access to education. They can then obtain high paying jobs. The spirit and motivation for African women to get involved in the world of business are about to change thanks to Santos’s incentives.

Innovative Achievements For All

Dos Santos owns shares in a Portuguese cable and telecommunication holding company called NOS SGPS. The firm owns a satellite and mobile phone services, voice over IP, and also handles the distribution of movies.

Creating jobs and providing training will allow women to be finally accepted within the elite business arena in Africa. In turn, there will be growth and financial stability for all. Isabel Dos Santos believes all this can lead to great innovations.

Santos teaches women that influence, along with positive power, can exist within their fruitful organizations. This will bring about great leadership and fresh skills in the international business market.

More information about Dos Santos career at https://www.ukuncut.org.uk/isabel-dos-santos-technology/

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