Why Milan Kordestani is not your average millennia

When Milan Kordestani enrolled at Phillips Brooks elementary school a few years ago, no one thought that by the time he was graduating high school he would have achieved almost half of what most adults in their thirties wish they could accomplish. Milan who was born in Stanford was forced to move to England after the separation of his parents.

He, however, did not let this get to him, and after he moved back to Calfornia, he began showing interest in horse riding. This interest came after he was thrown off by a runaway horse at the age of ten. Even though it was a scary ordeal, Milan Kordestani did not let this get to him, a factor that has seen him become one of the most renowned equestrians of our time. For instance, he has won various races, including two Worlds championship horse shows in which he gained fourth and second places respectively, and the Americal Royal competition where he clinched the third spot.

Apart from horse racing, Milan Kordestani loves anything to do with nature which is why he opted to go the farming way and established Milan farms, right before he graduated high school. Today, Milan Farms is the first farm ever to grow hydroponic saffron using microfiber sponges. Even though it was established in 2016, the company has seen massive growth and now has three separate farms and a stable market base for its eggs and other products. All products from Milan Farm are purely organic. For instance, their hens are fed on organic foods thus ensuring eggs that are of the highest quality thereby safeguarding the consumer’s health. Besides saffron, eggs and poultry products, Milan farms also brings forth mint of the highest quality.

Milan Kordestani, even though young, is a man of many hats and is living the life most people wish they could. When he is not busy managing his farm, Milan is often busy writing or preparing for his next Huffington post where he regularly lets us know his opinion on diverse matters.

Even though he comes from a well-to-do family, Milan Kordestani is quite humble and does not rely on his family’s wealth. He has gone the extra mile to build his legacy by venturing into areas least expected by many.

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