Why Richard Liu Receives Recognition for His Leadership


Richard Liu started JD.com in 1998. Before it was called JD.com, the company was called Jingdong and 360buy Ltd, and it was located in Bejing, China. It would grow to a number of storefronts, and revenue was $9 million. Liu would switch to an e-commerce platform in 2004. The leadership of Liu made JD.com quite popular, and it led to JD.com to improve how they delivered goods to people. JD.com was able to deliver goods to nearly two-thirds of the counties in China. The delivery system has been so successful Amazon chose to implement a similar system used by JD.com.


Liu has JD.com get most of their goods directly from suppliers. It was a good way to ensure the products were of good quality. JD.com built trust by providing quality products to customers. It also helps JD.com grow. Liu has received few awards from China, and Fortune added him to a list of great leaders.


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