Yeonmi Park Talks About The Rights Of Refugees And Her Escape from Brutal North Korea

Yeonmi Park has been in the spotlight on youtube often being featured in media following her stance on activism. She is a North Korean young lady who has made a mark in speaking publicly about oppressed people in North Korea. The North Korean defector and a human rights activist fled her country and is now living in Seoul, South Korea.

Park’s journey from the brutal North Korean has not been one without challenges. He has experienced difficult moments during the time of the escape. Park, born in Hyesan in North Korea, escaped the brutal acts of the leadership of her country in 2007. He comes from a family that was at one time part of the North Korea’s ruling elite. She is today an activist, speaker, reporter, and appears on various talk shows and television programs as a celebrity often advocating for rights of North Korean refugees.

Park is deeply touched by what she saw and experienced in and out of North Korea. In 2014, she attained global prominence following a speech she delivered at One Young World Summit held in Dublin, Ireland. This is an annual summit that tries to gather people from all corners of the world to come up with solutions affecting the world population today.

Park gave a speech detailing her experiences during the time she escaped North Korea. The summit in Dublin received close to over 2 million views on YouTube. Park has featured in different newspapers such as the Washington Post and has appeared as a guest on different radio channels including Radio Free Asia, Voice of America, BBC2 and SBS Insight.

She also frequently appears as a guest presenter on the program On My Way to Meet You, which is aired on a South Korean TV. Park co-hosts a podcast dubbed Casey Lartigue and Yeonmi Park Show that is aired in The English Language. She is also a volunteer ambassador of the program Teach North Korean Refugees besides taking other volunteer work with other institutions.

Yeonmi Park saw the bloody executions of people in North Korea and escaped to China when 13 years old together with her family. She also said that her mother was brutally raped in time of the escape. Park travels all over the world raising awareness about the repressive regime of North Korea. She has shared her disturbing childhood memories with various media channels such as the BBC.

In February 2009, Park and her mother left China after they received aid from Christian missionaries and rights activities. She headed to Mongolia where she sought asylum from South Korean diplomats who had turned against her and the family. She traveled through Gobi Desert and upon reaching Mongolian border; the guards there stopped them and began threatening to deport Park and her mother back to China.

At some point when they received the threats from the guards, they vowed to kill themselves using knives and it’s this action, which prompted the guards to let them in, though under custody at Ulan Bator, a detention center in capital of Mongolia.

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